Corporate Information


RECON Dynamics LLC was incorporated in December 2009 to provide wireless location and sensor monitoring solutions for asset management. RECON Dynamics is a privately held company. The primary investor is Eagle River Partners and back office support services are provided by COM Investments.


Eagle River was formed in 1993 as a private company to focus on the incubation of technology and telecommunications companies, with Craig O. McCaw as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Eagle River has participated in building such companies as Nextel Communications, Nextel Partners, Microcell Communications, Teledesic, RadioFrame Networks, Tello, OneCast, RECON Dynamics, Clearwire (ticker: CLWR) and Pendrell Corporation (ticker: PCO).

COM Investments, Inc. (COM-I)

COM Investments (COM-I) is a member of the Eagle River Enterprise. Since 1998, it has provided back office legal, tax, human resources, financial and accounting support for most of Eagle River’s Enterprise’s portfolio companies. Since RECON Dynamics’s inception, the COM-I team has provided these services to RECON as well. This has allowed RECON to maintain its focus and resources on providing great products and services to its customers.