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Jan 24

RECON Dynamics

We're excited to announce that RECON has named Anand Rajaratnam as the Company's new Chief Operating Officer. read more

Dec 20

RECON Dynamics

Known as two of the most innovative companies in the industry, Buckingham and RECON Dynamics recently collaborated to produce a product that had never been done before - an ANSI/ASTM lanyard with a proximity sensor embedded in the webbing - adding a new lanyard option for companies that outfit their bucket trucks with the RECON system. read more

Nov 29

RECON Dynamics

RECON Dynamics Announces Release of Equipment Auto Transfer Feature read more

Nov 06

RECON Dynamics

Bothell, WA - To cement their status as a leader in safety, Tice Electric (a NW Line NECA member) has begun the installation of the RECON Dynamics Aerial Harness Safety Training System for bucket trucks and all aerial and overhead work. The system utilizes in-field data, reports, and on-site warning systems to ensure crews come home safely. Other companies have seen their clip-in rates move to 99+%, once the system was installed. read more

Nov 02

RECON Dynamics

Article in November 2018 T&D World "New System Reminds Linemen to Clip In Lanyard" read more

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