Buckingham Manufacturing & RECON Dynamics collaborate on first-of-its-kind OEM Proximity Lanyard

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Dec 20

RECON Dynamics

Buckingham Manufacturing & RECON Dynamics collaborate on first-of-its-kind OEM Proximity Lanyard

Posted by RECON Dynamics | December 20, 2018

The new lanyards complete RECON’s IoT based Aerial Harness Training System and offer customers an off-the-shelf alternative to retrofitting existing lanyards.

Known as two of the most innovative companies in the industry, Buckingham and RECON Dynamics recently collaborated to produce a product that had never been done before – an ANSI/ASTM lanyard with a proximity sensor embedded in the webbing – adding a new lanyard option for companies that outfit their bucket trucks with the RECON system.

Buckingham’s patent pending BuckYard Proximity Lanyard and BuckYard Stretch Proximity Lanyard are designed to provide the same level of protection as every other Buckingham product with one difference; the embedded proximity sensor completes RECON’s patented Aerial Harness Training System. These lanyards are the only off-the-shelf OEM lanyards that work with the RECON system today.

RECON’s system provides an audible warning that reminds linemen to clip-in their lanyard if they forget (diagram below), just like seat belt safety warnings do the same in vehicles.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Buckingham and combine their 120+ years of industry experience to produce a lanyard that makes the industry safer,” said Doug Morrison, Director of Field Operations at RECON. “Buckingham’s knowledge and skill in manufacturing world-class products was a real benefit when working together to create these new lanyards.”

Manufacturing the proximity sensor directly into the lanyard leaves linemen with a very simple and clean design as well as an added layer of safety.

“Working with RECON and their team has been great and we are happy to be a part of this system,” said Chris Delavera, Vice President of Sales at Buckingham. “We always work with the linemen’s safety in mind and it was a pleasure to join with RECON in this shared goal. We look forward to working together in the future,” continued Delavera.

The lanyards are produced in both standard and stretch versions and are also now available with Buckingham’s BuckOhm dielectric hardware. Both versions are six feet in length and weigh approximately two pounds. Both units developed for this system can be purchased through Buckingham distributors or direct through Buckingham’s website.

About RECON Dynamics                                    

Headquartered in Bothell, WA, RECON utilizes decades of first-hand experience in the utility industry to design and build enterprise solutions. The company’s solutions are focused on the security and safety of personnel, tools, and equipment.

Combining wireless technology with cloud computing, RECON’s products have proven to create outstanding value in three application categories: automatic tool and equipment tracking, sensor monitoring, and aerial lift safety. For more information, please visit www.recondynamics.com.

About Buckingham Manufacturing

For over 120 years, Buckingham Manufacturing has been the world’s leading and most trusted manufacturer of equipment and tools for major electric utilities, telecommunications companies, wireless and cable providers, and arborists. Our customers work both above and below ground and we pride ourselves in manufacturing the highest quality and most innovative products on the market, right here in America. To learn more about Buckingham, please visit www.BuckinghamMFG.com.

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