RECON Dynamics to attend and exhibit at the 2019 Spring Western LAMPAC Conference

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Mar 28

RECON Dynamics

RECON Dynamics to attend and exhibit at the 2019 Spring Western LAMPAC Conference

Posted by RECON Dynamics | March 28, 2019

Bothell, WA., March 28, 2019 -- RECON Dynamics, a leading wireless sensor company that solves operational and safety problems in the Utility Industry - will be exhibiting at the Western LAMPAC Conference April 29 - May 1, 2019 in Sun Valley, Idaho.


Western LAMPAC (Labor and Management Public Affairs Committee)  is a 3-day conference focused on bringing together members of IBEW Districts and the Utilities they work with. The conference is dedicated to promoting social interaction amongst its members with several educational sessions throughout the conference to keep members up to date on the latest industry happenings.


Howard Trott, Chief Executive Officer of RECON commented, “We are excited to be exhibiting and participating at the Western LAMPAC Conference. I’ll be joined by Mark Thomas, our Chief Business Officer, and Justin Loidolt our Director of Sales. We will have the opportunity to meet with IBEW leaders, utility executives, and local members, while engaging in conversations related to innovative technologies and lineman safety.”


Howard will also be speaking on the topic of safety within utilities, more specifically safety as it relates to bucket trucks.


RECON to display patented Aerial Harness Training System

RECON will be displaying their patented Aerial Harness Training System at the Western LAMPAC. The system works to modify unsafe behavior in bucket trucks, just like seat belt safety warnings in cars.


RECON’s CBO Mark Thomas had this to say about the system: “When you get into your car and forget to click your seat belt, you get an audible warning to remind you.  That warning saves an estimated 15,000 lives and hundreds of thousands of injuries each year, but when linemen get in a bucket truck and forget to clip in, there is no reminder. This puts the lives of linemen at risk.

Recognizing this potential risk, RECON Dynamics invented the Aerial Harness Training System to protect linemen. The system uses the latest Internet of Things technology to sense when linemen are operating a bucket without clipping in - and provides an audible warning to remind them to clip in if they haven’t - just like the seat belt warning we’re all used to."


Exhibiting at the Conference

RECON will have a table in the Sun Valley Lodge where attendees can come talk to the RECON team, learn more about the product on display, and even have the opportunity to see a demo of the Aerial Harness Training System.


Please feel free to stop by RECON’s table at the Western LAMPAC April 29 - May 1 in Sun Valley, Idaho.


About RECON Dynamics                                        

Headquartered in Bothell, WA, RECON utilizes decades of first-hand experience in the utility industry to design and build enterprise solutions. The company’s solutions are focused on the security and safety of personnel, tools, and equipment.

Combining IoT wireless technology with cloud computing, RECON’s products have proven to create outstanding value in three application categories: automatic tool and equipment tracking, sensor monitoring, and aerial lift safety. For more information, please visit

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