RECON Dynamics Releases Inventory Auto-Transfer Feature

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Nov 29

RECON Dynamics

RECON Dynamics Releases Inventory Auto-Transfer Feature

Posted by RECON Dynamics | November 29, 2018

RECON Announces release of a new feature to the RECON Asset Management System which automatically transfers inventory from warehouse to job-sites.

RECON Inventory Auto Transfer Feature Release

What is the new auto-transfer feature? 

It’s an operational headache when you have millions of dollars in inventory dotted around multiple job sites and warehouse locations. Which job site is that band saw on? Where did that wire feeder go? I need a tool at job site A, can I take a tool from job site B?

Unlike passive inventory and tool management systems that rely on busy tradesman to accurately check in and out inventory, RECON’s new feature automatically transfers tools and equipment from the warehouse or yard to any job sites when the system recognizes those assets on the job site. This means you have accurate tool and inventory locations without relying on manual check in and check out processes

Why is important?

In the past, passive tracking systems only worked properly when manual check in and out process were followed perfectly, by everyone. This can be time consuming, relies on everyone learning and remembering to follow a new process, and is difficult to scale across tens of thousands of tools.

The RECON system does away with this by automatically locating RECON equipped assets and transferring them, without any user intervention, to different projects or warehouses when the asset is moved.

This frees up time, eliminates manual processes, and increases accuracy. Now, tool or equipment managers can focus on proactive management tasks, rather than managing inaccurate inventory reports and locating missing tools.

How does it work?

Using RECON’s proprietary IoT gateway, the ProxBox, you can simply and easily create a wireless IoT network that is capable of communicating with RECON’s smart sensors in warehouses, tool rooms, equipment yards, delivery and tool bearing vehicles, plus temporary project sites.

With these sensors and communication devices in place, the RECON system shows managers the last known location of their tagged assets. This allows employees to simply look up an item and see its current, or last known, location on a phone or computer whether or not an item is in their warehouse. And if not, which job site it’s been taken (relocated) to.

This allows everyone to work more efficiently and focus on their task at hand.