Tice Electric Adopts RECON Dynamics Aerial Harness Safety System for All Company Bucket Trucks

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Nov 06

RECON Dynamics

Tice Electric Adopts RECON Dynamics Aerial Harness Safety System for All Company Bucket Trucks

Posted by RECON Dynamics | November 06, 2018

To cement their status as a leader in safety, Tice Electric (a NW Line NECA member) has begun the installation of the RECON Dynamics Aerial Harness Safety Training System for bucket trucks and all aerial and overhead work. The system utilizes in-field data, reports, and on-site warning systems to ensure crews come home safely. Other companies have seen their clip-in rates move to 99+%, once the system was installed.

“Tice Electric is proud to utilize the RECON system as it adds another layer of protection for our crews,” said Sara Currie, Safety & Compliance Officer at Tice.

The system will:

  • Be installed on all bucket trucks
  • Protect their entire aerial lift team
  • Reduce risks for personnel and company

“We are thrilled to partner with Tice Electric and showcase their dedication to innovation and safety,” says RECON Dynamics CEO, Howard Trott. “Their passion for their people shines through. It’s an honor to be able to design a product that lives up to their expectations.”

The patented Aerial Harness Training System provides web accessed data and an on-site alarm to help safety professionals supplement their training procedures and employee education. The in-field alerts help to remind lineman to clip-in (like a seat belt warning), while the field data provides reports on both safe and unsafe lift operations, to help safety teams prioritize training.

About Tice Electric

Tice Electric Company is a highly respected Portland, Oregon based electrical contracting firm that prides itself upon quality service.  In business since 1934, Tice leverages decades of experience to offer a wide array of electrical services and solutions. From lighting and commercial, to heavy industrial we can deliver a solution that fits your electrical needs.

Our licensed journeymen electricians, linemen, and project managers rely upon their years of experience to offer the most cost-effective and well-designed solution for electrical projects.

About RECON Dynamics                                               

Headquartered in Bothell, WA, RECON utilizes decades of first-hand experience in the utility industry to design and build enterprise solutions. The company’s solutions are focused on the security and safety of personnel, tools, and equipment.

Combining wireless technology with cloud computing, RECON’s products have proven to create outstanding value in three application categories: automatic tool and equipment tracking, sensor monitoring, and aerial lift safety. For more information, please visit www.recondynamics.com

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