Meet our Board & Advisors

Board of Directors & Advisors

Howard G. Trott

Currently Chief Executive Office of RECON Dynamics. Mr. Trott has spent more than 30 years working with telecommunications pioneer Craig McCaw’s companies. Howard has completed a vast array of high-profile projects ranging from solar farms and aviation projects to large conservation projects. He is deeply focused on advancing green energy technologies, and designing with sustainability and conservation. Most recently he has worked on large scale storage projects in the Western United States. Howard's experience working with utilities and utility contractors makes him uniquely qualified to lead and accelerate RECON's growth in the utility industry.

Nick Kauser

After an early stint with Marconi Canada designing mobile wireless radios, Nick spent the first phase of his career in Venezuela. He worked for the National Telephone Co. (“CANTV”) and co-founded two companies in the communications industry.

In 1984 Nick was recruited by Cantel (now Rogers Wireless), the newly-licensed Canadian cellular carrier based in Toronto. He served as Vice President of Engineering and subsequently Senior Vice President of Operations, building out the first nationwide cellular network in Canada when Cantel achieved coast-to-coast cellular coverage in 1989.

After joining McCaw Cellular Communications in 1990, Nick also led the team that built the first nationwide network in the United States. He served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, and continued in this role after the merger with AT&T Wireless Services. Until his retirement in 1998, he oversaw all aspects of engineering and network operations, long-range planning and evolution of the wireless network. Nick was also responsible for Project Angel, the AT&T Wireless fixed wireless initiative.

In 2004, Nick helped launch Clearwire and served as Chief Technology Officer of Clearwire Inc., President of Clearwire International, and a Director of Clearwire, Inc.  He has served on the boards of Cantel, XO Communications and RadioFrame Networks, and continues to serve on multiple boards, including Pendrell Corporation (Formerly ICO Global Holdings Communications, Inc.).

Nick obtained his electrical engineering degree from McGill University in 1963 and has completed post graduate courses in Logic design and Random Noise and Signals. For his pioneering work in fixed wireless, he received the prestigious Gold Prize awarded by The Carnegie Melon Institute and American Management Systems for excellence in the application of information technology. In 2011 he was inducted into the Wireless Hall of Fame.

Nick Kauser is presently a Partner in Eagle River Holdings.

Joel Leonard

Joel Leonard graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.   He started his career in finance with Merrill Lynch as an account executive.   In 1983, Joel became a member of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE).   In 1986 he became a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).  In 1993, Joel founded Cornerstone Partners, a derivatives trading firm.  Cornerstone Partners was a member of the CBOE, PSE, AMEX, and PHLX for over two decades.  Concurrently, in 1997 Joel founded and managed a hedge fund, Advent Fund LLC, which specialized in mergers and acquisition arbitrage.

In 2004 Joel became a partner in Golden Horseshoe LLC.  Golden Horseshoe LLC is a real estate company, responsible for the design, financing, development and construction of over $200 million in commercial and industrial real estate projects.  Joel serves on several boards of both public companies (Northern States Financial Corporation and Grand Mountain Bancorp) and privately held companies (Recon Dynamics) and has served as a board member on Nemi Northern Energy & Mining Inc, a publicly listed Canadian corporation.  Joel is a partner at Great Lakes Grain & Transportation, LLC, a specialty grain merchant and logistics company.

Gary O'Malley

Gary B. O’Malley was Executive Vice President, Merger & Acquisitions of WaveDivision Holdings, a dominate market leader of fiber optic and telecommunication service provider on the West Coast based in Kirkland, Washington.  Over his career, Mr. O’Malley has been the primary executive responsible to buy or sell businesses including sourcing investment opportunities, leading diligence efforts, deal structure, negotiations and documentation and has served on the Board of Directors for a number of private companies.

Previously, Mr. O’Malley was executive vice president & managing director of G.C. Investments, LLC, the private equity portfolio for the Greenspun Family. This portfolio held investments in over 50 private equity funds and investments in direct debt and private equity largely in the telecommunications sector.

Mr. O’Malley was co-founding shareholder and executive of Cable Plus Holding Company growing the business successfully over 11 years ultimately selling in 2000 via multiple transactions valued in excess of $250 million.

Mark Thomas

Currently the Director of Business Development of RECON Dynamics.  Mr. Thomas has a Master of Science in Professional Accounting, and his career has spanned public accounting and investments, including both equity placements and real estate.  Mr. Thomas’ experience has also taken him internationally, working for multinational corporations throughout Europe from a base in Paris, France.  Mr. Thomas has worked with both small and large businesses, and has been instrumental in raising capital for a wide variety of businesses.  Mark has been active in leading RECON’s efforts at creating partnerships and accelerating growth.