The RECON Asset Management Solution is a comprehensive asset management solution for equipment, tools, materials and vehicles – delivering unprecedented visibility to transform your company’s operations.

Active Management, Comprehensive Coverage

RECON's solution provides strong return on investment in the following key business areas.

Locate & Recover Assets

Dramatically reduced annual corporate spending on equipment & tools.

Enhance Safety

Lowered liability, fewer accidents, DOT compliance through safety alerts, monitoring, and training mechanisms.

Improve Efficiency

Less downtime and overtime, faster work order resolution.

Increase Utilization

Reduced inventory and procurement, resource leveling, optimal allocation.

Restore Power Faster

Increased rate payer customer satisfaction, incentives for reduce outages.

The Components

Distributed Intelligence, Smart Sensors, Situational Awareness, Deep Wireless Penetration

RECON Proxlet

Tiny, rugged Proxlet tags hide inside or on equipment, tools and materials to be monitored. Features include:

  • Motion Sensing
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Battery Voltage Sensing
  • Intelligence

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Small ProxBoxes mount on vehicles to wirelessly identify the equipment of crews. Features include:

  • Location Sensing
  • Wireless Data Connection
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Intelligence
  • Motion Sensing
  • Safety Monitoring & Alerting

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Alerts instantly notify users when equipment is left behind or attempts are made at theft.

Reports allow managers to track shared and loaned equipment 24 X 7.

Asset management is integrated with fleet mapping to provide a complete view of the locations of all assets to streamline operations.

Getting the right equipment to the right place at the right time.

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