Aerial Harness Training System

The RECON Aerial Harness Training System (Patented) is designed to assist in the training, notification and monitoring for proper use of an aerial safety harness.    It's something that almost everyone has seen at one point or another – a lineman goes up in the bucket truck, comes down to grab a tool or part, climbs back into the bucket, and forgets to clip their lanyard back in. RECON set out to eliminate simple human errors like these and lower the risk of potential life-threatening accidents for staff and company. 

See Article in the November 2018 issue of T&D World  -

How It Works


The system consists of a RECON ProxBox, RECON Wireless Horn, RECON Wireless Sensors, and an enhanced safety lanyard (with RECON lanyard retrofit kit) or manufacturer integrated enhanced lanyard. The system provides the lift operator an audible warning of unsafe usage of the lift when the operator has not clipped in to the lift (similar to not using a safety belt in a vehicle). In addition, the system can monitor for unsafe usage and report this information to safety and operations personnel to improve lift safety compliance.

Aerial Harness Safety Performance

Performance data can be analyzed to address unsafe behavior and monitor for improvements before and after implementation of the RECON Aerial Harness Training System.


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