How It Works

Secure, Scalable, and Automatic Wireless Asset Management

Comprehensive coverage for tools, equipment, materials, inventory, and more.

Monitoring Yellow Iron

RECON device monitors location, fuel usage, engine data and status of yellow iron and trailers.

Actionable Information

RECON provides timely alerts, periodic reports, web dashboard with high level information and analytics.

Asset Usage

RECON system can provide location or motion-based asset utilization information.

Vehicles as probes

RECON devices mounted on trucks gather tool, equipment, and vehicle information in the field.  This information is delivered to the RECON cloud for  display on desktop or mobile device.   

End-to-End Security

RECON uses industry-leading technologies to ensure secure end-to-end communication between Proxlets and its cloud servers

Manage your assets
    with unprecedented visibility

RECON's Asset Management Solution has been designed from the ground up to meet the tool and asset tracking needs of construction and maintenance providers serving the power and telecommunications industry.

The solution consists of small, long battery life, robust wireless devices known as Proxlets installed in or onto assets and vehicle-mounted devices known as ProxBoxesProxBoxes continuously monitor for Proxlet reports. The ProxBoxes communicate wirelessly to RECON's cloud servers.

RECON's Asset Management Solution provides instant access to equipment tool status and location through an easy-to-use web dashboard.  Reports such as utilization can be generated on-demand or sent via email on a scheduled basis.

"Maximizing the utilization of our fleet is top priority..."

- Operations Manager