Recon Dynamics

Comprehensive Asset Management

The RECON Asset Management Solution provides comprehensive coverage for yellow iron, equipment, tools, materials and inventory. Delivering unprecedented visibility to transform your company’s operations.

Values & Benefits
  • RECON Dynamics cloud-based infrastructure provides near-infinite scalability to meet your company's operational needs.

  • Receive timely alerts when equipment is left behind or theft attempts are made on your equipment or vehicles.

  • RECON's Asset Management System provides vetted industry leading end-to-end security.

Active Management over Passive Monitoring

RECON's philosophy of asset management is truly unique. We apply this to everything we do.


Full range of assets:  equipment, tools and materials

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Active management of assets, instead of passive monitoring

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Real actionable intelligence, through notifications

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Timely alerts triggered from events as they occur

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Everything comes with context. Who, what, when, where

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Secure & Scalable

Industry Leading Security
Industry Leading Security

Vetted with comprehensive, end to end security.

Near Infinite Scalability
Near Infinite Scalability

Cloud-based infrastructure scales to operational requirements.

Active Management,
Comprehensive Coverage

RECON’s solution provides a strong return on investment in the following key business areas:

Operational Efficiency
Employee Productivity
Asset Utilization
Asset Recovery
Safety & Compliance
Tool Management

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Benefits Across Organization

See how the RECON Asset Management Solution can benefit you today:

Corporate Management Increase profits by reducing capital expenditures and increasing productivity
Operations Management Improve productivity, increase utilization and eliminate downtime. Improved safety through analytics providing leading safety indicators
Field Personnel Improve efficiency by preventing theft and eliminating missing equipment. Proactive safety management & training through safety alerts & warnings
"I check the daily report first thing in the morning...."

- Operation Manager

What We Do, Who We Are

At RECON, we approach things differently. We listen to customers to collaborate and partner. We’re voracious about creating products that get at the root cause of their pain points. Our sole purpose is to create and deliver the world’s best asset management solutions.

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