Motion-Based Utilization

If a tool sits on a jobsite for weeks and isn’t used
is it really a tool or is it just an expense?
Know more. work smarter.
grow profits.

Better data means better choices.

gain efficiency
Make sure your equipment and assets are actually working for you
Optimize inventory
Move your tools from where it's sitting idle to where it's needed before thinking about rentals or buying new.
Strategic maintenance
Schedule maintenance based on actual run time vs. a calendar
The Recon Advantage
Detailed usage data. No blind spots. No waiting. No job too big or too small. No scanning and no apps. 

Recon’s real-time platform offers precision and flexibility. We know you want your data - trust us to generate critical insights and share them with you via our simple interface.

Asset Use
Asset Location

use cases

Asset USe

Know how much and how often assets are used before buying new.

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asset location

Know where assets are and whether they are available.

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