aerial LIFT training system

Real time operator alerts when they forget to clip-in
Work Safer

Every year too many linemen are injured and killed in incidents involving aerial lifts.
One of the biggest contributors to those injuries is operators forgetting to clip-in.
The system is similar in some ways to the safety belt reminder in your car or truck.
An external horn sounds to alert operators when they forget to clip-in.

Real-time reminders for operators
Gain insights
Understand dangerous patterns and reinforce safe practices.
Injuries and compliance related fines
The Recon Advantage
Patented. First and only of its kind. Behavior modifier. Non-disciplinary. Unintrusive. Non-invasive. Works on all lifts

Recon's real-time platform offers precision and flexibility. We know you want your data - trust us to generate critical insights and share them with you via our simple interface.

Aerial Lift Training System - One Pager
Industry Features
pre-flight inspections
OSHA requires that lift controls be tested everyday to keep operators safe. Our system automatically documents and reports all pre-flight inspections
Level Truck Warning System
Gravity is unforgiving. Wind, unstable terrain, increased or shifting loads - there are a lot of reasons that an aerial lift can get out of level.  Our solution monitors and alerts operators if the truck is out of balance.
Operational Intelligence (OI) is the process of taking a large set of  data and transforming it into business insights that can be used to make decisions and take actions.

It is knowing if your business is operating as your expect, and being armed with data to drive more efficient practices that save you time and benefit your bottom line.