Fully-Automatic Tool Tracking Systems That Effortlessly Serve Profit-Driving Data
about recon
Founded in 2009, Recon Dynamics was funded by wireless industry pioneer Craig McCaw’s Eagle River Partners.

Recon’s Operational Intelligence platform leverages advanced IoT solutions to provide insights into the operations of a large number of industries.

Recon has developed a broad portfolio of patented technology focused on the transmission of data over long distances with extremely low power consumption.

coRporate info
RECON Dynamics was founded in December 2009 and purchased by Tricon Sales, LLC in August of 2016.   Eagle River Partners is one of the founding investors of RECON Dynamics.   RECON Dynamics was created with a vision to provide advanced best-in-class IoT solutions for wireless asset location, management, and telemetry for a broad-spectrum of industries.
Eagle River was formed in 1993 as a private company to focus on the incubation of technology and telecommunications companies, with Craig O. McCaw as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Eagle River has participated in building such companies as Nextel Communications, Nextel Partners, Microcell Communications, Teledesic, RadioFrame Networks, Tello, OneCast, RECON Dynamics, Clearwire (ticker: CLWR) and Pendrell Corporation (ticker: PCO).

The Recon Advantage
- One Platform

Recon’s comprehensive Operational Intelligence platform includes hardware, backhaul, data storage, processing, diagnostics, security and insights. We offer superior signal coverage through a versatile communications offering, penetration through job boxes, a more industrial design, and a hands off automatic approach to monitoring that makes it an easy choice for customers.


The hardware package that underpins our solutions consists of tiny, long battery life, wireless sensors known as Smart Tags installed in or onto assets and receivers known as ProxBoxes.

ProxBoxes continuously monitor for Smart Tag data reports and communicate wirelessly to Recon’s cloud servers – transmitting critical information regarding key assets.

The Recon Advantage
- One Bill, Multiple Solutions

With Recon, it is easy to scale up or down.  

Want more information on more assets?

Simply increase the number of inexpensive and easy to install tags.

Frustrated that your current tracking solution can’t see tools through job boxes?

We can penetrate XXX.

Want more information on more assets?

Simply increase the number of easy to install Proxboxes.

Want utilization information and also to know whether your drivers are making good choices while on the road?

Our ability to combine solutions will save you money.


tool & equipment tracking

Tools and equipment are often spread across multiple projects and job-sites. Eliminating lost assets and minimizing time wasting searching is critical to keeping project costs low. Knowing the precise location of tools and equipment makes project billing by usage possible, leading to greater accountability at all levels. Imagine the efficiencies that could be realized if the exact location of all assets was easily at your fingertips.

motion based utilization

Large inventories of expensive tools and equipment shouldn’t be idle. Knowing whether assets can reasonably be pulled off one project and moved along to the next results in greater productivity across the board. Imagine the efficiencies that could be realized by knowing how much and how often assets are used.

Supply Chain – Arrivals

Complex projects have many moving parts. Critical material deliveries are expensive, sent by multiple vendors, with unknown delivery windows. When a delivery fails to arrive - or its arrival isn’t properly documented - costly miscommunications result. Imagine having certainty around delivery time and location.

Materials Management

Excess or “lost” materials are a common phenomenon on construction sites. Imagine the waste that could be eliminated by knowing where materials are on site, whether surplus materials exist, and how many times you had to move them before they were installed.

Driver Behavior

With large fleets of clearly marked vehicles, communities hold company vehicles to a high safety standard and are unafraid to report violations. Imagine knowing whether drivers are following safe practices and having the ability to validate claims of recklessness and provide coaching before a tragedy occurs.


Construction vehicles cover large territories. Imagine the savings of time and fuel that could be achieved through more efficient routing.


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