Route Review

Know where your fleet is at anytime
Know more, work smarter,
grow profits.

Better data means better choices.

Gain efficiency
Optimize fleet routing to save time and reduce fuel expenditures.
One platform, one bill
Recon’s route review add-on feature eliminates the need to contract with vendors providing the service in isolation.
The Recon Advantage
None of the fluff - only the important stuff. Include this with other Recon solutions for maximum savings.

Recon’s real-time platform offers precision and flexibility. We know you want your data - trust us to generate critical insights and share them with you via a simple interface.
Operational Intelligence (OI) is the process of taking a large set of  data and transforming it into business insights that can be used to make decisions and take actions.

It is knowing if your business is operating as your expect, and being armed with data to drive more efficient practices that save you time and benefit your bottom line.