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CASE STUDY - DPR Construction

March 25, 2020

About DPR

Perhaps the most important thing to know about DPR is conveyed on the homepage of its website: We exist to build great things. Based in Redwood City, California, the company is a national commercial general contractor and technical builder specializing in complex and sustainable projects.

Ranked in the top 50 general contractors in the country since 1997, DPR handles everything from a conference room renovation to a sophisticated multi-million-dollar technical facility – all with a high degree of professionalism and passion for excellence.


Walking the talk

When it comes to technology, DPR doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks it. Recon Dynamics initial contact with the company was at a trade show highlighting the growing use of technology in construction. DPR Innovation Manager, Ankoor Amin, who is spearheading its use of IoT (Internet of Things), heard us speak at the conference and wanted to know more.

Soon after, we spoke with Brent Banning, Senior Project Manager of DPR’s Self-Perform Work (SPW) Concrete division in Phoenix, who was interested in Recon’s tool tracking capability.

We shared with Banning that our patented sensors are motion-based and also monitor usage – they do this by sensing the actual vibration or motion of a tool. By the end of the conversation he was seriously intrigued by how this feature could benefit DPR.


Quickly going from 10 to 140 sensors

DPR quickly moved into our standard pilot program, which lasted six weeks and employed 10 sensors and four receivers. During this time, Recon was tasked with proving the reliability of our tool usage data by showing that the start and stop times reported were accurate.

We did this with no problem – and soon after, DPR expanded its use of Recon’s system to other divisions, currently employing 140 sensors and 9 receivers.

Says Amin, “The combination of tool tracking and usage monitoring is a game changer. It gives us granular information that makes us more efficient and productive.”


Saving time. Saving money.

DPR uses our tool tracking and tool usage capabilities in many ways. Here are three examples.

#1 A project-based group wanted to keep careful track of its entire asset inventory so it could be factored into overhead. Before Recon, the inventory audit process was manual and required field staff to be pulled away from their regular work. Now inventory data is updated automatically – with no scanning or need for an app or QR code. A report is emailed every week (they can be sent as often as a client likes), making the process simpler, more efficient, and more accurate. Says Logan Bredesky, DPR Project Engineer, “I look at the report and in 30 seconds know if I need to do anything with our assets.”

#2 Divisions and project groups at DPR rent tools and equipment both internally and from external sources. Recon’s ability to monitor usage lets managers know how much these assets are actually being used, making it possible to call them in off of rent sooner and save DPR money.

#3 Because our sensors let DPR know the actual number of hours a tool has been used, the company knows precisely when each asset needs maintenance and no longer relies on a calendar schedule. By avoiding both unnecessary maintenance and damage caused by delayed maintenance, the company “saves a considerable amount of money,” according to Banning.


Looking forward

What does the future hold for DPR and Recon Dynamics?

DPR wants to use our sensors to help learn why expensive tools are being brought back to the shop damaged and no longer work. Because our sensors can measure g-force, they can reveal if a tool is being abused.

The company also plans to use our sensors to measure g-force on large modular items while they’re being transported. This will alert DPR to possible damage before the sections are installed, potentially saving the company a great deal of money.

In addition, DPR is looking into how Recon’s sensors can be utilized in facility maintenance.

Says Banning, “Recon doesn’t just sell the hardware and walk away. They tailor the data to solve specific problems and deliver actionable items that make our operation more efficient. Thank you, Recon.”


About Recon Dynamics

Recon's action-from-data service starts with patented motion-based sensors that not only track assets, they reveal actual run-time and automatically transfer clear, actionable data to any device without scanning. Construction companies, electric utilities, the tree care industry and many others benefit from our systems. With a proven track record of improving efficiency, safety, and the bottom line, we'd love to hear how we can help you. Care to learn more? Just let us know.










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