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Tool tracking without scanning
900 ft. range
10 year battery life
One day install
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It is the one and only patented, no-scanning or phones required, asset tracking system. It's the choice of the world's most innovative construction companies. See for yourself.

Asset Tracking Starter Pack

Specifically designed to be installed by your team in one day with virtual help from our technicians if needed.

Every asset tracking client we have ever had has started with a small number of tags and a handful of receivers. Given today's challenging travel environment we've bundled a perfectly dialed system to get you started. It tracks 50 tags using receivers on three trucks a jobsite and a yard or warehouse for 3 months. During this time we run through a standard protocol of scenarios so that our team and yours can see what's going to work best for you as your system expands.

Get started today and see how it could pay for itself before this time next year.


Run-Time Tracking

Run-time tracking gives you a clear, granular understanding of your business like never before, so you can make decisions like never before.

It reveals asset usage … which reveals waste and inefficiency … which informs strategies for selling underutilized assets … which frees up capital … which can be used to pay down debt or purchase needed equipment.

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Asset Location Tracking

Asset location tracking is not new. We patented it in 2013. The difference with Recon is that there is never any scanning, battery changes, problems finding tools in steel boxes, or data you can't use.

We work with you to provide information in a format that allows your workers to have the tools & equipment they need at the time and in the place where they need them most. Why would anyone make that harder than it needs to be?

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Contact Tracing

RDCrease™ is a purpose-built tracking and tracing product that alerts workers in real-time when relevant safe distance is compromised. The system provides a breadcrumb trail to direct public health efforts if an employee reports infection.

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Interface Snapshot

There is no better way to experience the benefits of our service that using it first-hand, but short of being able to do that here, we offer this 90-second snapshot of one of our guys explaining some of the new location tracking features.

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Data That You Can Use

Recon creates customizable algorithms that tailor data reports and alerts to each company's particular needs and goals. From exception reports to real-time alerts, and everything in between, our Operational Intelligence™ helps you to work smarter, safer and more profitably.  

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ROI Calculator

The saying goes that, "you have to spend money to make money", but the question always remains, "how much needs to be spent and how soon will that initial investment be recouped?"

Creating a Pilot

A pilot is a great way to get started with asset tracking--especially motion-based tracking. Time and time again perspective client are shocked by what they learn about their moving assets during the pilot.

In the spirit of managing what you measure, let's start measuring a bit of everything that moves and see what can be improved by managing.

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