Electric Utilities


Recon offers a single platform with multiple money saving data solutions to benefit electric utilities and contractors.

Tool & Equipment Tracking

Eliminating lost or stolen assets is critically important to keeping the crew productive. Streamlined charge-back and storm billing are key to successful rate recovery. Imagine the efficiencies that could be realized by knowing where assets are without delay.


Motion-Based Utilization

Large inventories of expensive tools and equipment shouldn’t sit idle. Recon’s precise motion-based utilization data can tell you whether assets can be moved from one yard to the next and help you to more strategically plan maintenance to extend asset life. Imagine the efficiencies that could be realized by knowing how much and how often assets are used.


aerial Lift training system

Aerial buckets are essential to the trade but pose a significant risk to utility workers if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Imagine knowing whether your team is clipped in and having the insights to reinforce best practices through enhanced safety training.


materials management

Excess materials are a common phenomenon on utility job sites. Imagine the waste that could be eliminated by knowing whether surplus materials exist and where they are staged awaiting re-deployment.


route review

Utility vehicles cover large territories. Imagine the savings of time and fuel that could be achieved through more efficient routing.


driver behavior

Your employees spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Imagine knowing whether they are driving safely and having the opportunity to provide additional safety training before a tragedy occurs.