Industrial contractors
How can Recon Help?
Recon offers a single flexible platform with multiple data solutions that provide critical insight into a broad range of improvements to drive greater efficiency in operations, on a project by project basis.

Let us show you how to do more with less today.


Driver Behavior

Your employees spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Imagine knowing whether they are driving safely and having the opportunity to provide coaching before a tragedy occurs.


Precision wireless BILLING

With Recon, contractors know exactly where assets are on site, when they come and go, and whether they are in active use. When coupled with the fact that the Recon solution is designed to easily integrate with your existing proceses, it’s billing made easy!


tool & equipment tracking

Tools and equipment are often spread across multiple projects and job-sites. Eliminating lost assets and minimizing time searching is critical to keeping project costs low. Knowing the precise location of tools and equipment makes project billing by usage possible. Imagine the efficiencies that could be realized if the exact location of all assets was easily at your fingertips.


motion-based utilization

Large inventories of expensive tools and equipment shouldn’t sit idle. Knowing whether assets can reasonably be moved from one project to the next results in maximum productivity. Imagine the efficiencies that could be realized by knowing how much and how often assets are used.


Supply Chain

Complex projects have many moving parts. Critical material deliveries are expensive, involve multiple vendors, and have unknown delivery windows. When a delivery fails to arrive - or its arrival isn’t properly documented - costly miscommunications result. Imagine having certainty around delivery time and location.


Materials Management

Excess or lost materials are a common phenomenon on construction sites. Imagine the waste that could be eliminated by knowing where materials are on site, whether surplus materials exist, and how many times you had to move them before they were installed.


Route ReVIEW

Construction vehicles cover large territories. Imagine the savings of time and fuel that could be achieved through more efficient routing.

Operational Intelligence (OI) is the process of taking a large set of  data and transforming it into business insights that can be used to make decisions and take actions.

It is knowing if your business is operating as your expect, and being armed with data to drive more efficient practices that save you time and benefit your bottom line.