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HOW TO - 6 tips you may already know about tech adoption

January 20, 2020

Adopting new technology can be hard for many companies. Sure, it can increase productivity, improve safety, and help you make better, faster decisions. But getting employees on board is often a challenge. 

What can you do to encourage early, rapid, and smooth adoption? Chances are you already have some ideas. In case you don’t, Recon Dynamics, a provider of advanced wireless IoT (Internet of Things) systems, has six suggestions.

#1: Keep in mind the trajectory of adoption is typically not a straight rocket shot. More often, it’s similar to the graph above.

 #2: Determine what the impediments to adoption might be and work to eliminate them ASAP. Many obstacles are driven by fear employees may have that they’ll lose their job or will be expected to accomplish an unreasonable amount of work.

 #3: Make sure the people employing the technology really know how use it and have a person they can go to with questions. This may seem obvious, but it will help reduce anxiety.

 #4: Communicate to employees that implementing the new technology is important for the success of the company and has been embraced at senior-most levels.

 #5: Empathize with users. After all, most people don’t like change. Don’t dismiss employees’ problems and concerns out of hand. Hear these people out and do what you can to help them.

 #6: Encourage successful users to share their experience with co-workers and to champion the technology.

About Recon Dynamics

Recon's action-from-data service starts with patented motion-based sensors that not only track assets, they reveal actual usage and automatically transfer clear, actionable data to any device without scanning. Construction companies, electric utilities, the tree care industry and many others benefit from our systems. With a proven track record of improving efficiency, safety, and the bottom line, we'd love to hear how we can help you.

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