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PRESS - Smart Jobsite 50 - 2020

August 3, 2020

Recon Dynamics is grateful for having been included in this amazing list of companies.

As the only fully-automatic tool management and utilization tracking company on the list, we are excited to be doing our part to move our ever-more-valuable sector forward in construction. We congratulate all of our fellow companies for being recognized and are excited by the progress of the industry.

As you will see by clicking the link, "The Smart Jobsite 50 List features solutions leveraged on the jobsite that specifically address the management and execution of Built World construction projects. The list was compiled using the results of the 2020 BW Benchmarking Program and other feedback from BW Members. For certain categories, the most widely-utilized providers are highlighted. The list includes leading companies and up-and-coming providers helping built industry players manage and execute their projects across ten categories:"

  • Drones
  • Equipment Management
  • Field Management
  • Jobsite Monitoring
  • Materials Management
  • Reality Capture & Progress Documentation
  • Robotics
  • Tool Management
  • Visualization
  • Wearables

ReconDynamics is joined in the Tool Management sector by some of the industry's longest standing and largest companies. Even after more than 10 years we are seen as "up and coming".

Tool management has a long history of preventing theft and loss, but more recently has played a larger role in optimizing inventory, maintenance, billing and rentals.

As the only fully-automatic tool management system on the list, Recon has taken the sector one step further by removing the need to manually scan tools. Tools are accounted for and searchable even inside of moving vehicles and high up on shelves that can't be seen. In addition, Recon's long-lasting smart tags' accelerometers capture, store and transmit second-to second movements or vibrations for up to 60 days if a receiver is not within range. This data allows managers to see and rank those specific tools that are being used most, and to off-rent or sell idle tools who's carrying costs exceed their bottom line contribution.

It's game changing for applications that require more detailed data than the ubiquitous and long-lasting scannable tags that continue to have their indispensable place in this industry.

From construction to cattle, ice to energy, power lines to petroleum, companies across a seemingly infinite range of industries are finding new and exciting ways to operate more efficiently by using Semi-custom Recon Dynamics' fully-automatic Operational Intelligence systems.

Many wonder how they did business without it.

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