Meet the Team
At Recon, we believe the power is in the partnership.
Howard G. Trott
Chief Executive Officer
Howard spent more than 30 years working with telecommunications pioneer Craig McCaw’s companies. Howard has completed a vast array of high-profile projects ranging from solar farms and aviation projects to large conservation projects. He is deeply focused on advancing green energy technologies, and designing with sustainability and conservation. Most recently he has worked on large scale storage projects in the Western United States.

Howard's experience working with utilities and utility contractors makes him uniquely qualified to lead and accelerate RECON's growth in the utility industry.
Anand Rajaratnam
Chief Operating Officer
Anand brings more than two decades of valuable leadership to RECON’s executive team. Anand joined RECON from Zonar Systems where he led their product management organization. Prior to Zonar Systems Anand has held roles at companies including T-Mobile, Expedia, Amazon and American Airlines. His talents and roles at these companies stretch across a broad spectrum of disciplines - including operations, finance, business development, product management, marketing, pricing, and strategy. Anand graduated with a BS in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Marketing from Indiana University.
Chief Business Officer
Mark has a Master of Science in Professional Accounting, and his career has spanned public accounting and investments, including both equity placements and real estate. Mr. Thomas’ experience has also taken him internationally, working for multinational corporations throughout Europe from a base in Paris, France. Mr. Thomas has worked with both small and large businesses, and has been instrumental in raising capital for a wide variety of businesses. Mark has been active in leading RECON’s efforts at creating partnerships and accelerating growth.
Deric Eldredge
Director of Hardware Engineering
Deric has had over 18 years of experience in electrical engineering covering both hardware and software disciplines. He has specialized in advanced development to bring his original ideas and products to life. Some of his projects include an advanced x-ray telescope, RF designs, home automation, advanced ASIC hardware prototyping platforms and associated supporting software. He enjoys mentoring and managing other engineering teams to increase the productivity of the design cycle. His impeccable attention to detail has been invaluable. Deric holds a BS in EE degree from the Brigham Young University, Provo.
Adrian Yip
Director of Software Engineering & Network Operations
Adrian has over 25 years experience developing and integrating systems and software in the wireless communications industry.

Prior to joining RECON Dynamics, Adrian was a Principal Engineer at Eden Rock Communications where he was involved in developing LTE systems simulations, and software development for WiMAX basestations.

Adrian has been named on 9 issued patents and has held management and lead engineering roles developing handsets and wireless infrastructure at SRTelecom, Elektrobit USA, AT&T Fixed Wireless, and Bell-Northern Research. Adrian graduated from the University of Toronto with a BASc degree from the Division of Engineering Science in the Computer Engineering option.  
Doug Morrison
Director of Field Operations and Program Management
Doug’s 23 years of experience encompass a broad background in Product Development, Project Management, Engineering Management and Field Operations. For most of his career, Doug has worked in the wireless industry.

Prior to RECON Dynamics, he led the hardware development and production efforts for Motorola’s iDEN Microcell as a Principle engineer. Prior to that he worked a several wireless startups. He spent several years managing the hardware engineering department at RadioFrame Networks and at Metawave Communications developed base station hardware and antenna systems. As part of a small team Doug helped launch Apex PC Solutions.

Working in the small firm environment has enabled him to gain a comprehensive background in customer and field support as well as manufacturing engineering. Doug graduated with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Seattle University.
Director of Systems Engineering
Scott has over 25 years of experience in engineering and leadership roles. His experience covers a broad range of hardware engineering, software engineering and product development. He has spent his career working on all aspects of the product development cycle.

Prior to joining RECON Dynamics, Scott was a VP of hardware engineering leading a team of over 20 engineers to develop a unique long range wireless communications system from concept to production. He was a Senior Director of engineering at Vivint where he led a team of over 20 engineers covering all aspects of hardware and manufacturing engineering to develop and support a large set of products in the home automation and security market.

Scott has developed consumer products for various companies including 3Com, L-3 Communications and Texas Instruments. Scott graduated from Brigham Young University with both a BS and an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The Recon Advantage
- One Platform

Recon’s comprehensive Operational Intelligence platform includes hardware, backhaul, data storage, processing, diagnostics, security and insights. We offer superior signal coverage through a versatile communications offering, penetration through job boxes, a more industrial design, and a hands off automatic approach to monitoring that makes it an easy choice for customers.


The hardware package that underpins our solutions consists of tiny, long battery life, wireless sensors known as Smart Tags installed in or onto assets and receivers known as ProxBoxes.

ProxBoxes continuously monitor for Smart Tag data reports and communicate wirelessly to Recon’s cloud servers – transmitting critical information regarding key assets.

The Recon Advantage
- One Bill, Multiple Solutions

With Recon, it is easy to scale up or down.  

Want more information on more assets?

Simply increase the number of inexpensive and easy to install tags.

Frustrated that your current tracking solution can’t see tools through job boxes?

We can penetrate XXX.

Want more information on more assets?

Simply increase the number of easy to install Proxboxes.

Want utilization information and also to know whether your drivers are making good choices while on the road?

Our ability to combine solutions will save you money.


There is no longer a need to have absolute loyalty to a particular brand in order to have basic information about your tools and equipment. With Recon, you’ll be armed with the insights you need in order to protect your bottom line - now.

With Recon, the power is in the partnership. Come one, come all.


tool & equipment tracking

Tools and equipment are often spread across multiple projects and job-sites. Eliminating lost assets and minimizing time wasting searching is critical to keeping project costs low. Knowing the precise location of tools and equipment makes project billing by usage possible, leading to greater accountability at all levels. Imagine the efficiencies that could be realized if the exact location of all assets was easily at your fingertips.

motion based utilization

Large inventories of expensive tools and equipment shouldn’t be idle. Knowing whether assets can reasonably be pulled off one project and moved along to the next results in greater productivity across the board. Imagine the efficiencies that could be realized by knowing how much and how often assets are used.

Supply Chain – Arrivals

Complex projects have many moving parts. Critical material deliveries are expensive, sent by multiple vendors, with unknown delivery windows. When a delivery fails to arrive - or its arrival isn’t properly documented - costly miscommunications result. Imagine having certainty around delivery time and location.

Materials Management

Excess or “lost” materials are a common phenomenon on construction sites. Imagine the waste that could be eliminated by knowing where materials are on site, whether surplus materials exist, and how many times you had to move them before they were installed.

Driver Behavior

With large fleets of clearly marked vehicles, communities hold company vehicles to a high safety standard and are unafraid to report violations. Imagine knowing whether drivers are following safe practices and having the ability to validate claims of recklessness and provide coaching before a tragedy occurs.


Construction vehicles cover large territories. Imagine the savings of time and fuel that could be achieved through more efficient routing.


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