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PROBLEM SOLVED_001: Spend Less On Rentals

January 12, 2021


You keep your equipment longer than you need it. Why? Manually tracking equipment usage takes time and effort that you don't always have.


Track the equipment remotely. With fully-automatic remote tracking you will see which equipment is actually being used and which is sitting idle, then you will clearly 'see' when it is time to off-rent equipment. Remote tracking like this would work across multiple jobsites and rental decisions could be electronically delivered directly to the appropriate project managers on each site.  


Tag the equipment with maintenance-free, motion-detecting tags that have batteries that last up to 10 years.

Schedule your automatic cloud-based reports at intervals of your choosing.

Add recipients to the list of people who will get the reports and enjoy knowing exactly what to keep and what to off-rent when it matters most.

More visibility.

Less work.

Problem solved.


"All of a sudden my guys had a solution that was just delivered to them each week. It was a color coded list telling them exactly what to do."

"I'm not sure how often we keep stuff on rent longer than we have to, but I'm sure it's not as tightly monitored as it should be."

"I had one self-report team who complained that they got 5 or 6 different bills from various rental companies and they could never get a grip on what they had on their site or not. Once he got Recon he use magnets to tag to all his rental equipment, and he just bought more."

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