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PROBLEM SOLVED_002: Made Tool Tracking Worth Doing

February 9, 2021


The real problem is that the time it takes to scan or manually conduct inventory hardly makes the effort of tracking worth it to the people doing the work. It often creates more work, not less.

In addition, managers have their own way of creating and updating spreadsheets making it hard to share and compare across an organization for efficiency.

Sound familiar?


Automate the collection of data by using affordable smart tags with a 10-year battery life that communicate with the cloud 24/7. No chore required.

Schedule customized reports using a point-and-click dashboard to give managers and workers the inventory, billing, and usage data they need--when they need it.

Get alerts that are issue-specific so that workers and managers can do their jobs better, faster and easier.

Centralize all of your tracking remotely with one fully-automatic system.

Ditch the scanners.

Skip the spreadsheets.

Get what you need, when you need it, with far less work than before.


Tag the equipment with maintenance-free, motion-detecting tags that automatically transmit their data to the cloud for 10 years without a battery change.

Customize automated reports that inform very specific actions and save measurable amounts of time.

Fully automate inventory reports, rental reports, milage reports and more.

Remotely track tool location and usage every 4 minutes without ever waiting for a bluetooth signal or a worker scanning. It's fully-automatic 24/7

Avoid down time by getting automatically generated reports that tell you what needs maintenance or replacement parts before it's too late.  

Sit back to watch the number of administrative hours spent on countless tasks dwindle to minutes.

Fully automatic tracking.

Not a chore anymore.

Problem solved.


"It's really simple. What you've done at Recon is make it easier to optimize not harder."

"In some cases we were scanning, in other places we had a hand written log.  Some places it was nothing. No one ever questioned whether the systems needed to be fixed, but we weren't about to suggest something that would create more work."

"I had one self-report team who complained that they got 5 or 6 different bills from various rental companies and they could never get a grip on what they had on their site or not. Once he got Recon he use magnets to tag to all his rental equipment, and he just bought more."

"At one point I was tasked with studying the cost of all that waiting. They were obsessed with reducing the waiting times for tools every morning."

"Scanning tools in an out of a warehouse is a very manual task. Many of the so called "top solutions"-- and by that I just mean names that you'd recognize-- still require this time-consuming manual task. It's wide open to human error and the data collected is little more than a list."

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