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PROBLEM SOLVED_003: Getting Started

April 6, 2021


The initial investment to start tracking typically costs more than one manager can spend without getting enterprise level approval. This stops many managers from even considering getting started. 

Sound familiar?

If one guy can't try out the system before running it up the ladder, then you never get started.

It's that simple. 

Without an honest, boots-on-the ground, small team trial-and-proof exercise there's no chance for the value of fully automatic tracking to speak for itself.


Start right now for less than $4000 and see the value for yourself on a small scale without over committing.

It's called The Starter Pack.

It was designed to be installed in less than one day.

It includes the perfect amount of components to cover a small team: 5 receivers, 50 tags and fully scalable web-based interface.

Come see for yourself how fully-automatic tracking might work FOR YOU.


Get started tracking with an under-the-radar-priced complete system.

See the value for yourself.

Ditch the scanners.
Immediately see inventory without scanning or bluetooth phone apps.

Immediately see usage data 24/7. 

Retire overstuffed, hard-to-read spreadsheets. 
Effortlessly create actionable reports using a point and click dashboard.

Create alerts for maintenance and inspections.

Experiment with adjustable geo-fences that can span up to a mile if you need it. 

Sit back and watch the number of administrative HOURS spent on countless tasks dwindle to MINUTES.

With help from our weekly call and onboarding exercises you will quickly see that getting started was way easier than you ever thought.

Start small.

See results.

Grow at your own pace.

Problem solved.


"When I heard that you guys were just 4,000 bucks, I said 'how soon can they get here?' "

"These other guys would come in expecting us to make an enterprise-level commitment without even testing their stuff."

"I wasn't about to make time to sell this idea all the way up to national when I haven't even used the stuff myself. That's crazy. "

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